Koh Phi Phi

After what felt like the worst boat journey of my entire life (buying travel sickness tablets from now on) we arrived on the lovely island of Phi Phi. As we are travelling in rainy season we were hit by, you guessed it, more rain. We didn’t let it dampen our spirits though as we made our way up to the Phi Phi viewpoint. The island was really affected by the tsunami in 2004, but has rebuilt in the most wonderful way. If you head to the viewpoint make sure to keep climbing and visit viewpoint 2. It’s a bit of climb but well worth it in the end, even in the rain!

After a walk around the town, which is super small (you can walk to either end relatively quickly) we headed to the Ibiza pool party. I can imagine in peak season that this place is even more bonkers than it was for us. Shout out to the DJ for remixing the Game of Thrones theme tune!

If you’re looking for some good food that’s not Thai we went to the Banana Bar and had the best nachos before spending the rest of the night watching the famous Muay Thai boxing. Where we watched it, anyone from the audience can challenge another person. I wouldn’t say anyone really got the hang of it until the two professionals came out, they were brutal! I can see why it’s a popular sport but no way would I ever get in that ring!

The next day there was glorious sunshine so we booked on a pirate boat tour, which is a bit more expensive but you definitely get your money’s worth. We headed towards Monkey Beach (which I found a bit unsettling that these poor monkeys are just subject to tourist photos all day everyday so I stayed in the sea) before making our way towards Maya Bay. Maya Bay was made famous by the Leo DiCaprio film The Beach (great film) but because of that there was a huge influx of tourism in the coming years. This killed the coral and the majority of the marine life in the bay . Thankfully the Thai government have closed off the bay now so the only way you can see it is by floating past on a boat. It’s still magnificent! The bay was originally going to be shut for a few years but it’s now been stated it could be for 25 or more to allow the coral to heal and the aquatic life to use the bay again.

We then headed to Pileh Lagoon for some kayaking and snorkelling. I’ve never seen water so clear and so many beautiful fishes! Thailand’s landscape is out of this world. Imagine Jurassic Park on water! To finish the boat trip we kayaked over to Bamboo Island for sunset. This tiny island is beautiful and the perfect quiet spot to watch the sun go down, with some company from hermit crabs! The whole trip took around 8 hours and you can head to the Pirate Bar in the evening to see all the pics!

Coincidentally when we got back onto the main island the Banana Bar was playing The Beach at its rooftop cinema so it was a perfect way to finish off the trip to Phi Phi! In hindsight we really wished we had spent more time on this little island but alas we had to carry on and make our way inland towards Phuket. 100% will be heading back to Phi Phi in the future!

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