Koh Pha-ngan to Krabi

After our amazing week in Koh Tao it was time to head to Koh Phangan for the famous full moon party.

In Koh Phangan we decided it was best to book a hostel as we knew the vibe would be more inclined towards the full moon party. We booked a hostel which ended up being a room of 14 people so to say it was a bit cramped is probably an understatement. The saving grace was that we knew we would only be there for a couple of nights and on the plus side we met some nice people, always the bonus of a hostel! On our trip so far we’ve mixed hostels with guest houses. If you’re a couple a lot of the time you can get a pretty sweet private room for the cost of two beds in a hostel!

This hostel had a pool and put on a lively pre drinks for the full moon party so it was good value for money in the end.

We had a few nights before the big one so we headed up to the Amsterdam Bar via tuk tuk to see the sunset with a cocktail. On our way down we headed to the night market and had the most delicious falafel wrap at a street market stall. As much as I’m enjoying Asian food sometimes you gotta take a break from that fried rice life.

The next day we headed to Milky Bay Resort, where we grabbed some lunch and had a swim in the pool (you don’t have to stay there to use it!). We then waited out the rain storm that came in praying that it wouldn’t carry on into the evening.

Luckily the rain stayed away, the neon paint went on and we were ready for what we came to the island for! If you’re lucky your hostel will organise a tuk tuk/ taxi for you to make your way to the south of the island, Haad Rin Beach. On your way in to the full moon party you’ll see so many buckets of alcohol for sale, paint being purchased and a plethora of people making their way to the entrance. We ended up being really lucky as a lovely girl accidentally bought two wristbands and so gave us one for free, otherwise they’ll only set you back about £2! The full moon party is such an experience. It stretched all along the beach with bars, food, fire shows; you name it and it was there. We ended up actually eating more than we drank as you use up so much energy going from end to end. I wouldn’t recommend the food per se but it gave us an energy boost! The party apparently goes on until sunrise so if you can make it give it a go!

The one thing I would 100% suggest is to book another nights stay in your hostel/hotel for the day after the party. We did not and had one of the roughest journeys of my life. We ended up having to go through an 8 hour journey, via tuk tuk, ferry and then two separate buses to get to Krabi. It was not pleasant. If you’re booking buses and ferry’s etc through 12go make sure that you get it exchanged for the right ticket!

When we arrived we were rewarded with a lovely hotel room right in the centre of Krabi, with some cute kittens running around our balcony! If you’re in Krabi town there is a great street food market with some amazing stalls which smell, and taste delicious. We ended up eating at a restaurant and walked past the market which smelt so good we ended up having two dinners, whoops. We actually enjoyed it so much we went back the next day. You can’t beat a plate of fried rice for £1! On your way back to town from the market right by the Pack Up hostel there is a cute bar called Cosy which has a pool table and cocktails for about £2 with a super chilled vibe, it’s a must visit.

The next day we headed to the Tiger Cave Temple. To reach the top of the temple and see it’s amazing golden Buddha statue it’s 1237 steps to the top. It doesn’t sound like much but oh my god did we sweat it out. A lot of the steps are super steep and there are not many rest stops! Ladies remember to wear something that covers your arms and legs but make sure it’s lightweight! When you reach the top it is so worth the climb, on one side of the mountain you can see the whole of the city and around the other side it is pure mountain range.

To get to the temples you can head to a main road in Krabi town and look out of for a red songthaew (basically a big tuk tuk ) which will take you right to the bottom of the temple. It’s super cheap and if you’re lucky there will be one waiting at the bottom for you after your climb.

You can also catch one of these vehicles, a white one, to take you to Ao Nang for a bit more money. It’s not the most comfortable hour but by far your cheapest option! We jumped on one of these to head to Ao Nang the next day!

When we arrived in Ao Nang, we weren’t greeted with the best weather and no boats running to the other islands so we decided to stay on the local beach. It had the nicest back drop, the landscape here in Thailand is insanely beautiful but it had a huge plastic problem. We sat for a few hours and I collected a lot of plastic bottles. Thankfully a lovely lady called Ting Ting took all the rubbish away and even offered me a massage for doing it.

One thing I’ve noticed since being in Thailand is the insane amount of waste and plastic lying around, there are hardly any bins either so I see why it accumulated over time which is so sad. Almost everywhere offers you plastic bags and straws to, plus having to drink bottled water as you can’t drink their tap water just adds to the waste.

The next day we got up early and headed for the famous Railay Beach. We grabbed a taxi boat there which is a noisy and bumpy ride, but it was so worth getting up early for! We were one of the first boats to arrive on the island which was amazing as later on it became too busy. We spent a few hours laying on the beach before heading towards Phranang Cave where we watched rock-climbers ascend the jagged cliff. Rather them than me! Unfortunately the rain came down hard and the beach then started to flood so we thought it was best to head towards the boat to get back to the mainland and dry off.

After a a couple of nice days, it was time to leave Krabi and head to the wonderful Koh Phi Phi.

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