48 hours in Bangkok

So we finally made it to Bangkok after SUCH a long day of travelling and we were immediately hit by the heat of this place. I honestly have never been so hot in my life, and no one really prepares you for that as you spend a lot of time in air conditioned places on your way to the city.

As we were staying quite far from the airport we grabbed the sky link train to Phaya Thai. Although this train network is so efficient and air conditioned (come on London take note) it doesn’t really go into the centre of Bangkok yet so you probably have to jump in a Tuk Tuk or grab a taxi depending on where you are staying. Be careful when you get off though as we got a bit ripped off by our taxi asking for 800 baht which is about £20. He obviously spotted our fresh face tourist look. However as we were super tired and just wanted to get to our hostel we let it slide. You should expect to pay between 100 to 200 baht for a Tuk Tuk but if you can get it cheaper try your best!

We stayed in a cute but simple hostel called Zee Thai which was about 15 mins walk from the Khao San Road. If you didn’t think Bangkok was a big city think again, we walked from our hostel to the famous temple Wat Pho which is home to the Reclining Buddha and I think we evaporated into sweat. We didn’t end up going into the Grand Palace as the heat just takes it out of you. Watch out for Tuk Tuk drivers or men on the street telling you the palaces are closed and that what you want is in another direction as it’s a scam and who knows where they will take you but they’ll certainly take your money!

We then got caught in one of the famous monsoon storms so waited it out in a cute cafe for a very long time, when you think it’s dying down, just wait a bit longer!

If you do your research you can find great vegan and veggie options for dinner considering a lot of the street food is some sort of meat. We found a lovely one called Ethos where I had my first Pad Thai! From their you can venture to the Khao San Road which has dramatically transformed from its day time attire to a wild strip like atmosphere. If you’re up for a party this is the place to go, just maybe watch out for people trying to sell you crocodile or scorpions 😬 we had a beer at a cool bar playing live music and just watched the tourists go by.

The next day was set for more rain so we headed to the shopping district Sukhumvit. I have never seen so many shopping centres in one place. For someone who hates shopping it was so overwhelming and tiring but we had to escape the rain which ended up flooding the streets so we had to parkour our way around the pavements. We then popped to the financial district but this place is so huge with so many buildings you almost can’t take it in. We then grabbed a Tuk Tuk to China town to have some food and probably the nicest fried rice I’ve had yet!

We opted to leave Bangkok the next morning and jump on a bus at about 6 am to head down to Koa Tao and get some island life. The bus and ferry ticket cost about £27 for 6 hours on a bus and then a ferry transfer.

To sum up Bangkok, a busy polluted but intriguing place. The air quality is very poor so be prepared for that and it can be overwhelming but if you want to check it of your bucket list give it a go!

I wasn’t kidding about the flooding!

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