Avengers: A No Spoiler Review

As promised:

tom holland avengers GIF by Twitter

So as an avid Marvel fan I was obviously eagerly awaiting this new avengers film and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED, Ten years in the making, this film gives us all we’ve ever wanted. With cameos from nearly every marvel superhero, the film takes us on an personal adventure of every character leading them to face the baddest baddie of them all, Thanos. (Played by Josh Brolin, who is also currently playing the bad guy in the new Deadpool movie.)

With the old characters mingling with the new characters, there are plenty of laughs alongside the trauma that all marvel fans go through in every movie. Notably the introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy to the team gives a lot of comic relief to scenes. Similarly including the new Black Panther crew into the movie gives us a whole other world of possibilities for future films.
infinity war avengers GIF

With a longer than normal run time than most films, it does not feel too long at all. If anything, i could’ve sat there for 5 more hours. Even though I am a dedicated fan and would sit there and watch all 18 films in a row, it isn’t too long for the average viewer who just wants to see the new hit movie.

Because of that feeling I actually went back for a second time to watch it as I was so blown away the first time, and it was even better. With so many twists and turns the first time round I found myself cemented to my seat barely breathing and so knowing the storyline of the film the second time round I was a lot more calm. During the second screening I focused WAAAY more on the dialogue between characters and after reading up on a number of theories, was able to slot them into the film where I thought possible.

There was not one dull moment in this film. every character was on top form and I actually don’t know how I will wait for the next one.

infinity war avengers GIF

Aesthetics wise:

Thor, you’re haircut is really working for you and Captain America, that beard sits rather well on your face too. Scarlet witch is rocking the ginger locks and all the new suits are outstanding.

And if you need a viewing order of the films to have a binge watch marathon, look no further:

Iron Man – The original starting point of the avengers

The Incredible Hulk – Technically you should watch this BUUUUT if you know this storyline I would give this a miss (sorry Ed Norton)

Iron Man 2


Captain America 

The Avengers – Our first taste of the team together and boy is it good.

Iron Man 3 

Thor- The dark world 

Captain America  – The Winter Soldier 

Guardians of the Galaxy – I.E the film with the best soundtrack

Avengers – Age of Ultron

Ant Man – Paul Rudd does make a charmingly good superhero I’ll give you that

Captain America – Civil War – Giving us a taste of everyone coming back together

Doctor Strange – I am still on the fence about this film

Guardians of the galaxy – VOL 2 – I keep forgetting Bradley Cooper plays Rocket

Spider Man – Homecoming – Did we reeaaaaly need another Spiderman? The answer is yes.

Thor – Ragnarok – This is potentially one of the best films in the marvel universe. THERE I SAID IT

Black Panther – Wakanda Forever indeed




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